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Capt. Steven Lamp
Florida Keys Bonefishing Guide

Key West bonefishing guide
The "Grey Ghost" should be on any anglers bucket list.

One of the very first fish I caught that got me hooked on flats fishing was a Florida Keys bonefish. Right then I knew I wanted to be a Key West bonefishing guide. Key West has turned into a great destination for bonefishing. In the past few years I have seen the numbers of bonefish on our flats grow exponentially. Hoards of them rushing the flats just like the Bahamas and it is getting better every year. Whether you enjoy Spin fishing or fly fishing young or old and not matter what your experience there is a bonefish ready for you to catch it. 

Flats Fishing For Bone fish

Bone fish love to visit the shallow flats of Key West sometimes in less than 10″ of water. Foraging for food such as baby crabs, shrimps and crustaceans. They can be seen working the flats pushing or “tailing” as the dig up some grub. Always wary to their surroundings bonefish are extremely edgy and spook quickly so a stealthy approach is needed to get a shot at one. Smaller bonefish travel in larger schools making them very competitive for food and easier targets for newer anglers with a light tackle spin fishing rod or fly fishing rod. The larger Florida Keys bonefish are a bit more independent usually traveling with a few buddies or solo and very educated raising the bar for skill level in a Key West bonefishing guide and angler to catch one. Sight fishing is the name of the game here. As your fishing guide, I spot the fish for you and then suggest where it might be best to cast your presentation. 

A technical flats fishing boat is the traditional way to go bonefishing to get super skinny in a sneaky way. I also use a very shallow drafted state of the art custom built bay boat on my trips equipped with a trolling motor to get the job done as well. Although we catch bonefish year round here in Key West, my favorite months for bonefishing are April – October with the best months being August, September and October when they spawn and the larger fish are around. Check out my Key West fish species calendar to learn more about Key West fish. Feel free to contact me to ask any questions or book. 

Spin Fishing For Bonefish

The most productive way to fish for bonefish is with a spinning Roda or”light tackle” with a jig or shrimp and hook. My spin fishing gear is nothing but the best. I use DAIWA  Exist reels loaded with 8lb braided line attached to a custom made bonefishing rod built for me by legendary rod builder Rick Berry of Key Largo rods. 

Flats Fishing Reels

Fly Fishing

My fly fishing clients have come to expect nothing but the best in my gear. So, I make sure they get it. ORVIS makes a wonderful rod called the Helios 3 D. This thing is a laser and brings out the best fly fisherman of any skill level. New ORVIS lines always and the best selection of bonefishing flies to chose from.

ORVIS Helios 3d Fly fishing rods

My Bonefishing Charters

I will take up to two persons bonefishing for 4, 6, or 8 hours. Trip departures depend on the day, moon and tide phases and what fish species we are targeting. I supply everything you will need for fishing as well as ice filled cooler with bottled waters. If we are using fly fishing gear, only one angler can be fishing at a time. We will decide when you call, depending on the time of the year, your needs in a boat and the targeted species you would like to pursue whether we will use  my technical poling skiff or my Yellowfin bay boat. Call 1-305-292-7212 or text me 1-786-847-3808

flats fishing boat
17ft Technical Flats Fishing boat
Yellowfin 24 bay boat CE
My Custom Built Yellowfin Bay Boat

This was from a day I was flats fishing in the Marquesas Keys with a buddy of mine I had a good couple shots at some very educated bonefish. 

The bonefish have rebounded amazingly well here in Key West in the past several years.

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